Video Collaborative

Advancing our teaching practice through the study of video



The Video Collaborative connects educators (like you!) with the Teach Like a Champion team to use video as a springboard for crafting development goals for your colleagues. In one 90-minute meeting, the TLAC Team and a small group of educators/leaders from your school/organization will study partner-selected footage to determine successes, areas of opportunity, and possible next steps for the development of your team.


During a Video Collaborative session, you will have the chance to share your insights, questions, and observations about your footage and work collaboratively with members of the Teach Like a Champion team to determine potential next steps to further the development of your colleagues back at your campus(es).


Our goal is for your team to walk away with successes to highlight with your staff–as well as opportunities for further development. The TLAC team is also prepared to support you with how to measure success moving forward.

Post-meeting, partners will receive Resources for Further Study (aka Video Collaborative “Goodie Bag”) containing additional resources and materials to further their campus development.


Interested in Signing Up or Have Questions?

Please complete our TLAC Video Collaborative Request Form.