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Our mission is to dramatically improve teaching through the study of exceptional teachers. By sharing what we learn, we aim to help schools create classrooms that are radically better for children, especially in communities where systemic inequities and discrimination have left students with limited access to a high quality education.

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For Coaches: John Barnes Teaches a Group of Players How to Dribble

Some time a while ago, someone sent me a grainy cell phone video of England great John Barnes coaching an ad hoc group of young players in an improvised session. I don’t actually remember who sent it and why. At first it seems almost an accident- like Barnes was on vacation or something and got asked…

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Erica Woolway: Lessons Learned from a Pandemic Year, Part 3.

In this final post in lessons learned from a year of disruption, we’ll focus on things remote instruction revealed the full importance of more clearly. Perhaps one of the biggest things we learned was how quickly an online class can die a slow death if a a norm is passivity rather than a norm of engagement…

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“Monitoring Two Settings at Once”: Notes on Allison Dungey’s Hybrid Lesson from Jasmine Lane

Many schools are making the shift to hybrid so we’re excited to share this clip from Allison Dungey of Achievement First with you today as an example of how to manage perhaps the biggest challenge teachers have been asked to take on this year: monitoring two separate settings at once. We think there’s a lot that…

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